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Infant Mat

One of the most comfortable mattresses for infants to sleep on is Infant Mat. The U pillow and the side pillow, which are simply sewed into the sheet, are two excellent options for this. The baby's versatile bedsheet serves in place of a pillow or cushion. It is also portable and washable. Infant Mat is a comfortable sleeping surface for infants made of soft cotton. It is particularly for newborn infants. It is constructed of cotton fabric and has washable fibre within. 

New Born Baby Fix Pillow Mat

New Born Baby Fix Pillow Mat is one of the most comfortable mattresses for babies to sleep in. These come in a great way which is the U pillow and the side pillow that is simply stitched inside the sheet. The multipurpose bedsheet for the baby is not a separate pillow or cushion to use. It is washable and easy to carry as well. New Born Baby Fix Pillow Mat is made from soft cotton that helps babies sleep very comfortably. It is especially for newborn babies. It is made from cotton fabric and inside reckons fiber and washable. 

Kids Cotton Mat

Kids Cotton Mat is one of the best materials for a baby play mat, their non-toxic play mat and learning gym combo. It aids and improves their vision as they look for sharper colours. It also provides a cushioned surface that develops trunk stability and control in their back and legs. It refined their neck strength as they turned their head to look around. Kids Cotton Mat is 100 per cent premium cotton which is breathable and soft to the touch. These are suitable for use throughout the year. 

18x28 Kids Cotton Mat

Sinker Cotton Mat